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First load out of dry kiln, 1988
Danny and Linda with the original mill, 1978
Dustin and Russell, 1995
Gene, Brady, Dustin and Russell, 1995
Russell, Gene and Danny, 1996
Dustin, Russell, Blake, 2017
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Elder Hardwoods is a family owned and operated saw mill that is open to the public and carries a variety of rough lumber, pattern stock, siding, flooring, house logs, rustic mantels, custom beams up to 43 foot long.

We offer various local species including cypress, eastern aromatic cedar, black walnut, cherry, sassafras, maple, white oak, red oak, red gum, and pecan. We provide materials and will help you get in touch with local contractors if you need them.

If you’re interested in Elder Hardwoods working on your next project drop us a line, and we’ll get a quote right to you!

Cypress: A Natural Beauty

Elder Hardwoods has carefully selected cypress as our flagship material because of its outstanding quality without using harsh chemicals. It is a comforting feeling knowing that your home is built from "nature's most perfect wood."