Cypress: A Natural Beauty

Cypress has been the choice of skilled craftsmen, artisans, and builders for millennia. Ancient Egyptians used cypress to craft the cases of their mummified kings. Romans sculpted images of their gods from cypress, and during the Middle Ages, European masters carved great cathedral doors from this time-honored material.

Noted for its beautiful colors and density, cypress is superbly workable, easily machined and installed, and readily finished. This versatile, distinctive wood lends elegance to any home’s interior. With its legendary hardiness and durability, cypress also serves myriad applications outside the home including fence posts, clapboards, shingles, exterior trim, shutters, window boxes and landscape design elements.


Materials may not be available upon immediate request. Please give us a call and check availability, lead time, and pricing before you start your project and begin planning to use our wide selection of materials. We cut our beams as ordered and rarely stock them. Our stock on pattern material fluctuates and there are times we are out of stock. Specialty products are ran on a per-order basis depending on quantity and variety of material.